Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are offered to both individuals and couples at Hertfordshire Therapy Centre

Who is Counselling and Psychotherapy for?
Counselling and Psychotherapy can be helpful for anyone regardless of age, gender, background. It can be helpful for anyone who wants to have therapy of some kind, however in our experience it may not be helpful if you attend therapy because you have been told you have to, or given an ultimatum.

At Hertfordshire Therapy Centre we offer therapy for individuals, couples and children with specialist therapists.

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?
Counselling and Psychotherapy are forms of talking therapy that aim to support you to explore and resolve problems, difficulties, aspects of your life that are perhaps making you feel sad, angry, anxious or unsettled.​

How can it help me?
It may help you to come to terms with loss or bereavement, past relationships with partners, your parents, friends or siblings. It may help you to believe in yourself, improve your self esteem, confidence and enable you to live your life the way you want to, with the knowledge that you are happy and free from self doubt.

What if I don't know what the problem is?
We have many people contact us who want to change the way they feel, but don't know what is causing them to feel negatively. Your therapist can help you to explore your feelings, your past and present, your hopes and dreams for the future and to help you to understand yourself.

How does it work?
You will book an initial session with either Rebecca or Laura who will help you to think about what you would like to achieve from therapy. You will then agree a time and day that you will meet, this may be the same time or day every week, or may differ depending on your needs/wants. You will meet the same therapist (as long as you get along with them) for as long as you chose to.

What times and days is therapy available?
At Hertfordshire Therapy Centre we are able to offer therapy Monday to Friday day times and evenings (9.30am-9.30pm) and some weekend appointments are available.

Some people worry about the confidentiality of their therapy. At Hertfordshire Therapy Centre what you discuss with your therapist remains confidential. The only time that your therapist is legally and ethically bound to break confidentiality is if they have concerns for your safety or the safety of someone else. Should your therapist have a concern for safety they will discuss this with you as soon at it arises, should the concern remain they will inform you fully of the necessary actions.


​£45-£60 - Initial Consultation (50 minutes)